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Leavitt, Yamane & Soldner Fights For People With Brain Injuries

If you’ve suffered a brain injury caused by the negligence of someone else, the personal injury attorneys of Leavitt, Yamane & Soldner can seek compensation for your losses. Our Honolulu-based Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) attorneys have helped many people recover both financially and emotionally from these life-changing injuries.

Brain Injury
Brain Injury
Brain Injury

According to the Brain Injury Association of Hawaii, someone in the U.S. suffers a TBI every 21 seconds. Brain injuries most often result from falls, traffic accidents, sports injuries, or violence, and are among the most debilitating and difficult injuries to overcome. In many cases, people living with brain injuries are left with diminished cognitive abilities and motor function that led to physical and emotional difficulties. They may not be able to work for a living and some are even paralyzed.

Symptoms of a serious Traumatic Brain Injury include:

  • Confusion
  • Visual – spatial impairment
  • Memory deficits
  • Reduced attention and concentration
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Impaired thinking ability
  • Decreased control of body movements
  • Language difficulties
  • Difficulty controlling emotions
  • Inability to handle light or sound
  • Vertigo and imbalance
  • Repetitive speech
  • Word finding difficulty
  • Change in personality

We know the impact of brain a brain injury can be devastating. Since brain injuries cannot be seen the same way as a broken bone, you or your loved one needs experienced brain injury attorneys who know how to demonstrate the consequences of brain injury. Leavitt, Yamane & Soldner has a long track record of obtaining substantial recoveries that take care of the lifetime needs of brain injury victims.

Contact the personal injury attorneys of Leavitt, Yamane & Soldner today at 808-537-2525. We can help.


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