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Traffic Fatality Data & Statistics in Hawaii

December 21, 2022

Distracted driving is a leading cause of accidents in the United States, and the widespread adoption of mobile phone usage behind the wheel has exacerbated this trend. In addition to making and receiving calls, drivers are increasingly using their mobile devices for other purposes, such as email, navigation, and social networking. The obvious result is that motorists spend a lot of time with their attention diverted, and serious injuries and fatalities in accidents have only risen.

Because of this, there has been a rise in the number of distracted motorists on the road. However, some drivers, particularly younger ones, continue to insist that talking on the phone is safe while operating a motor vehicle.

Sadly, Hawaii’s prevailing trends are quite representative of the country at large. One million vehicles are registered in Hawaii, and around 10,000 accidents happen every year. Even though preventing car accidents is a top priority, they remain the leading cause of injury and death throughout the islands and the country as a whole.

Statistics on Vehicle Crashes in the Aloha State

According to the state’s Department of Transportation, Hawaii’s annual death toll for vehicle accidents is between 120 and 150. In Hawaii, speeding is the main cause of accidents, even more so than distracted driving. Not yielding, going the wrong way, following too closely, and making dangerous turns are further causes of these tragic incidents.

Moreover, at least 90 persons lost their lives in road accidents in Hawaii last year. Alcohol was also involved in slightly more than 35% of these instances. Additionally, speeding was a factor in 42% of these incidents (or around 40 of them). Officials added that the three age groups most likely to be killed in an automobile collision in Hawaii are those aged 18–25, 40–50, and 65+.

The risk of getting in an accident may be reduced by following the rules of the road, but unfortunately, it remains regardless of how cautious you are.

Laws on Distracted Driving in Hawaii

Traffic Fatality Data & Statistics in HawaiiAccording to the Hawaii Department of Transportation, a distraction is considered anything that distracts a driver’s attention away from the road, whether visual, mental, or physical.

However, the vast majority of risky distracted driving instances are within the bounds of the law. What’s more, the usage of cell phones and other mobile electronic gadgets while driving is a major cause of worry for Hawaii’s legislators.

Distracted driving is a serious problem in Hawaii and the rest of the United States, as anybody who watches the news on a regular basis will attest. More than $40 billion is lost yearly due to distracted driving, nearly as much as the $44 billion lost due to drunk driving.

About 400,000 people were injured, and more than 3,000 people were killed in traffic accidents caused by distracted drivers in the United States in 2017. Tragically, an estimated 8.5% of fatal vehicle accidents in the contiguous states may be attributed to distracted drivers. Also, in 2018, police in Hawaii issued over 14,500 tickets for inattentive driving.

Limits on using electronic devices while driving are tight under Hawaii’s existing legislation on distracted driving. The use of a hands-free device while driving is permitted, however, texting is not.

Additionally, no hands-free mobile electronic communication devices of any type are allowed for drivers under the age of 18. In fact, pedestrians in Honolulu are not even permitted to cross the street while looking at their mobile devices.

Variations on Standard Traffic Laws in Hawaii

Any of the aforementioned bans on distracted driving are subject to certain exemptions. Young motorists, for instance, may dial 911 from their cell phones. Similarly, all motorists are allowed to have a mobile phone with them at all times in case of an accident or other emergency.

To add to the list of exceptions to the state’s distracted driving laws, consider the following:

  • Professionals in the emergency services sector who rely on mobile devices, such as firemen, EMTs, MICU techs, and so on, are permitted to use these devices if needed.
  • Commercially licensed drivers or drivers of company cars that utilize a private land mobile radio system are “professional drivers” for the purposes of Title 47, Part 90, of the Code of Federal Regulations.

Still, distracted driving may be avoided with a few simple precautions. To improve your chances of avoiding an accident, consider the following distracted driving safety measures:

  • Several applications exist to prevent drivers from sending or receiving text messages while operating a motor vehicle. These apps provide a wide range of functionality, from automatically responding to incoming texts to completely blocking them when you’re driving above a set speed.
  • You should let a passenger of suitable age take charge of navigation if you are traveling with other people. No matter how poorly, a passenger who knows their way around is preferable to a driver who is attempting to navigate. If you are going to be traveling alone, read your directions beforehand.
  • Don’t worry about selecting a radio station or playing with the dial. Before getting into a car, make several playlists so you can select one. Stop at a safe location or wait for a red light if you need to make a switch. It’s also important to establish your favorite radio stations as presets. After all, pressing a button is far more convenient than fiddling with a dial.
  • Please put down the phone and concentrate on the road. Avoid picking up the phone again so that you can concentrate on the road. Turn off your phone’s sound alerts if you need to silence them in order to avoid temptation.
  • Finally, the dangers do not outweigh the benefits of eating while driving. Get something to eat before getting behind the wheel, or find a safe place to pull over and eat.

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