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Woody Soldner

Personal Injury Attorney


Since 1985, Woody Soldner has been committed to obtaining maximum compensation for those who have been injured in Hawaii due to the actions of others.

Woody is particularly focused on helping people with catastrophic injuries, including spinal cord injuries, brain injuries and burns. These cases are typically the result of car accidents, pedestrian accidents, hospital malpractice, defective products, construction accidents and fires.

Woody and his team understand the complex, lifetime consequences of a catastrophic injury or wrongful death and they are relentless in securing a better future for their clients and their families.

More than 50 of Woody’s past cases have involved verdicts or settlements in excess of $1 million and four cases have exceeded $10 million:

$19,250,000 catastrophic
$11,760,000 spinal cord injury
$11,000,000 internal injuries
$10,250,000 brain injury
$9,750,000 spinal cord injury
$9,000,000 pediatric brain injury
$8,000,000 brain injury
$7,900,000 spinal cord injury
$7,775,000 burn injuries
$7,000,000 arm amputation
$6,950,000 spinal cord injury from paramedic negligence
$5,850,000 severe brain injury
$5,000,000 spinal cord injury caused by drunk driver
$5,000,000 spinal cord injury
$4,300,000 spinal cord injury car crash
$3,600,000 spinal cord injury from car crash
$3,500,000 spinal cord injury
$3,150,000 spine injury from car crash
$2,900,000 spine injury
$2,750,000 wrongful death
$2,500,000 orthopedic injuries caused by drunk driver
$2,400,000 wrongful death
$2,200,000 wrongful death
$2,100,000 brain injury to pedestrian
$2,100,000 mild traumatic brain injury
$2,000,000 policy limits for death of elderly male
$2,000,000 traumatic leg injury from motor vehicle accident
$2,000,000 brain injury from fall
$2,000,000 brain injury from car accident
$2,000,000 wrongful death of elderly male
$1,997,000 worsening of brain injury from paramedic negligence
$1,973,443 mild traumatic brain injury
$1,950,000 wrongful death
$1,900,000 leg and colon injuries
$1,850,000 spine injury
$1,800,000 wrongful death caused by negligent commercial truck driver
$1,600,000 brain injury to pedestrian
$1,500,000 leg and arm injury to motorcyclist
$1,300,000 wrongful death
$1,300,000 orthopedic injuries to pedestrian
$1,450,000 shoulder and neck surgery
$1,250,000 pelvic and internal injuries
$1,250,000 leg injury from low impact collision
$1,180,000 pediatric orthopedic injuries from crosswalk incident
$1,150,000 orthopedic injuries from moped crash
$1,100,000 brain injury from automobile crash
$1,100,000 neck and psychological injuries
$1,085,000 multiple injuries
$1,035,000 distorted vision
$1,119,750 catastrophic consequences from drunk driving
$1,100,000 injuries caused by careless commercial truck driver
$1,000,000 orthopedic injuries and brain injury
$1,000,000 foot injury from construction site accident
$1,000,000 for orthopedic injuries to elderly pedestrian


University of Kansas School of Law, J.D. – 1985
Kansas State University, B.S. Finance – 1982

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