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I'm am writing on behalf of my mom, Diane Manoi who utilized the services of Leavitt, Yamane & Soldner and received the best service ever! They are compassionate, courteous, professional and reliable just to name a few. To Stuart Kodish, you were phenomenal! I didn't forget you Rachel... Thank you for your great "behind the scenes" assistance!Char McCabeSeptember 22, 2022
Mr. Yamane and his team are such a blessing to my family. I would absolutely refer any of my friends and family to them. He provides excellent counsel and experience and we appreciate all he has done for us.LOMI for LIFE “Sascha Kamakani Thompson”August 13, 2022
Mike Cruise, Kanani, and their team assisted me in an insurance claim and settlement related to a car collision and resultant injuries. Even though it wasn't big money for them, the legal team went out of their way to do their best for me. They are knowledgeable, effective/reliable, and empathetic. I could focus on my own physical recovery and not worry about the legal issues, trusting them to take care of my case, which they did. I recommend them to anyone looking for a personal injury lawyer. They are the people you want to represent you when you're dealing with a life-changing challenge. Big mahalo to LY&S!!Janet Meinke-LauJuly 15, 2022
I want to take this opportunity to thank Mike Cruise and his knowledgeable staff regarding the accident on 12-17-2018. I appreciate your legal team's selfless service through this long journey. Much gratitude to the attention of my health and well being. I consider you all extended members of my family. Once again, Thank You!!! Sincerely, Lora Ikei-CanterLora Ikei-CanterJuly 5, 2022
Speaking in behalf of Richard Fontanilla: From start to finish they made every effort to help. It was refreshing to see the personal interest they showed. And this was shown not only by Attorney Leavitt, but also the staff. When you're in a situation where you just don't know what to do, where to turn, or even where to start, having someone to guide you through the maze is invaluable. I would especially like to mention Debra Ota, and Reece Frazier and how they patiently made sure Richard was being taken care of. I really appreciated the attention to details that a normal person would miss or just not know the importance of when in an accident and all the bad things that go with it. A big MAHALO! to Leavitt, Yamane & Soldner.Ron CJune 21, 2022
I’m writing this review for Leavitt, Yamane & Soldner legal team. They have a friendly attitude toward all their clients. Now, they were not able to accept my case but their paralegal Judy Miller was personable and professional. I’ve had friends that have used Leavitt, Yamane & Soldner and got the great representation they felt they deserved, they all swear by it. My rating   A+New York State Of MindMay 24, 2022
Best service in the state. I would like to thank Debra Ota, Reese and Mr. Leavitt for going beyond expectations and weathering the storm, continuing too fight the fight for some years. I appreciate your great work ethics n dedication to your craft. Again thank you for believing in me when they didn't. Stay blessed 🙌🏼Kaleo EnosMay 22, 2022
So far so good. Was injured in rear end collision and received prompt call back from legal aid, one call and left her number told me to call when I am ready. NON INTRUSIVE, SUPER POLITE, AND VERY KIND*update feel free to call me on 7-15-22 Friday sometime in the morning to early afternoon... We will expand on what has been going on recently and ty,. Mahalo for your ever polite and warm welcome into what I have learned through others that the legal process can be just as intimidating and stressful as the event itself.R.m. GAgNOn (3Studio6Gangsta9)May 11, 2022
Our time with Mr. Leavitt and Debra was truly a blessing. Their expertise and emotional connection to us is rare. They traveled with us on this tough road of recovery and helped in so many ways. Their constant availability was the best. They got the most that we could get out of a terrible situation. Thank God for them ! Louella and ChaletKahealani VidinhaMay 9, 2022
Finally had results with Mr. James Leavitt and Ms. Deb Ota, quickly getting my case in order! In comparison with their other cases, I had a small, but fairly complicated one; and Deb kept at it and ensured all bills were paid and settlement quickly received. DEB GOT THINGS DONE! If not for their tenacity, the Insurance Co. would've left me in pain and holding the bills. Mahalo for all that you did LY&S!TracyMay 6, 2022
Biiiiiiiiiiiiggggg shout out to Attorney Leavitt and his team that we found them with opened arms, special mention to MS. DEBRA OTA, since from the start, she’s been very attentive, supportive, and very particular especially to my son’s wellbeing who had into car accident when he was five years old due to a young lady’s neglectful driving! So thankful to God that we were guided with bright people despite of what happened eight years ago. Million thanks to you and more power! God bless us all!Melanie ViernesMay 4, 2022
Thank you Mr. Leavitt you and your team fought a long two year battle for me. Him and his team were very professional throughout the whole legal process, thank you again.Albert RosarioMay 3, 2022
After a head on collision waking up in the hospital not remembering any of the accident - only the memory of me leaving the house with my roommates dog as my last thing I could remember. I also was out of state and recently bought a used van and didn’t have insurance on the vehicle when the accident happened. The police reports clarified I wasn’t at fault but my lower back and hip had some mobility issues really affecting all aspects of my life constantly. Brenda Corpus from LY&S took care of me very professionally and helped me focus on healing myself by me not having chase anyone down over the phone. During the moments in between when everything is uncertain she helped me ease my mind and felt fully supported by prompt caring thorough response. She really looked out after my well being . Thank you so much again to be a steady rock when I needed it. Can’t say enough good things about her and the firm.Daein KangApril 30, 2022
I just want to start with there isn't enough starts to describe the level of dedication and professional attitude. They helped me from start to finish and made an emotional and painful situation easier to deal with for myself and my family. They went above and beyond for me and my expectations.Joseph YuApril 22, 2022
John Yamane and his associates have helped me with my case that took over 5 years to conclude. With the amazing help of John, Brenda, and Dexter, I didn’t have to worry about anything. They did all everything, all I had to do was trust in them completely to get the work out. The outcome was amazing. After all those years, this team never gave up on my case. They truly are amazing people that care about your well-being and helping make less unfortunate situations better. Wouldn’t trust any other legal team!!!!Holly ShishidoApril 18, 2022
This team deserves a 10 star review at least. My journey started when my husband and I were hit by from behind by a careless driver. Both my husband and I suffered physical and mental injuries not to mention the financial hardship of loss wages during our extended recovery process. From the beginning Mr Kodish's paralegal Debra provided us with stellar service and most importantly, kept us updated on upcoming appointments and case status. Debra was always available by phone or email and would return calls almost immediately. As for Mr. Kodish, this man was instrumental in preparing us in all aspects of the case. He made us feel confident and comfortable in an otherwise stressful event, the "deposition". He took our calls at all hours and if he didn't answer, we'd receive a call back within 5 minutes. All of this resulted in a settlement that was much more than what we expected. Thank you again to the LYS team, specifically Mr. Kodish and Debra. The SaplasCynthia SaplaApril 16, 2022
Thank you Mr. Leavitt and Debra! From day one, Mr. Leavitt was very open and honest about the process. His presence and Debra’s assistance were so helpful and calming during a very stressful time after my accident. I was able to concentrate on getting back to a normal life while they dealt with the insurance companies. After everything was done, Mr. Leavitt was very reassuring when he said, he’s always there for me. The same holds true for Debra continuing to check on how I’m doing. Thank you.Beth Ann YoungApril 13, 2022
Working with Stuart Kodish of LY&S was very comforting. He was working with Levitt in the event my case had to go to court. He communicated all the steps of my situation and was easy to get in contact with for questions that may have arose. My family and I met Stuart when I was at the rehabilitation hospital and he explained what needed to be done in a clear manner, despite my mind being cloudy from my accident. As time went by and the case was settled as much as possible we met Stuart at the LY&S main office and he was able to give us the options moving forward. He was like a family member helping us throughout the situation, he really cared for my well-being. My wife communicated with Stuart on my behalf because of my mind cloudiness, and that put my mind at ease knowing my case was moving forward. I'm very glad I went with LY&S for my injury case and I wouldn't hesitate to go anywhere else. I grew up Hawaii and grew up seeing their advertisement in the phone book and midweek newspaper. Even though I thought I would never have to use their services, I'm glad I remembered them when the time came.journeythrulifeApril 12, 2022
I wish I could give them more than 5 stars, as Mr. Stuart Kodish and Rachel worked tirelessly for a very long time, with great determination to help reach a fare settlement in my case. They never gave up in achieving the much appreciated outcome and support they showed for me. I definitely recommend the firm and the team work they provided. Much Aloha to them.Barb SladovnikFebruary 10, 2022

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