Maui, HI - Two-Car Accident on Maui Lani Pkwy near Waiale Rd
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Maui, HI – Two-Car Accident on Maui Lani Pkwy near Waiale Rd

July 27, 2023

Maui, HI (July 27, 2023) – A serious car crash happened in Maui on the afternoon of July 27. At approximately 3:00 p.m., emergency responders went to the scene to help the people involved. 

Reports show the incident occurred on the Maui Lani Parkway near Waiale Road. Two vehicles crashed for reasons still under police investigation. 

Paramedics worked to help those with injuries at the scene. Currently, the individuals involved in the collision have not been identified. 

Police in Maui continue to investigate the details of the accident. The roadway was closed for an extended time while emergency crews worked to help those involved. 

Nothing further has been reported at this time. 

Our thoughts are with those involved as we hope for their full and fast recovery. 

Hawaii Auto Accidents

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Traffic collisions take place for a plethora of different reasons; however, the most common contributing factor to auto collisions in Hawaii and throughout the United States includes driver negligence. Things like driver distraction, speeding, intoxication, and fatigue contribute to over 5,000,000 accidents per year throughout the nation. Sadly, tens of thousands of people in the United States lose their lives every year due to the actions of negligent drivers.

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