Honolulu, HI - Victims Injured in Auto Accident on Kunia Rd near H1 East
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Honolulu, HI – Victims Injured in Auto Accident on Kunia Rd near H1 East

July 8, 2023

Honolulu, HI (July 8, 2023) – A car crash was reported to police in Honolulu on the afternoon of July 6. At approximately 12:07 p.m., emergency responders were sent to the scene of the crash on Kunia Road. 

Responders, including EMTs, police, and fire crews, were observed rendering aid at the crash site a short time after it happened. Reports from authorities show the collision took place on Kunia Road South near H1 East. 

Paramedics helped the people involved in the accident and took them to the hospital as needed. Currently, however, no one involved in the crash has been identified. 

Police in Honolulu are still working to figure out how the incident occurred. Traffic was delayed in the area while emergency responders were present, forcing local motorists to use alternate travel routes. 

We hope for the full and fast recovery of the injured parties. 

Few other details are currently available to report. 

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